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The aim of Emili Saló's lab work is to elucidate both the cellular and molecular mechanisms that are involved in regeneration of Platyhelminthes (the freshwater planarian Schmidtea mediterranea). In order to do this we have three specific objectives:
  1. Study the genomic and proteomic properties of the neoblasts (totipotent stem cells present in adult Plathelminthes), to allow us to characterise functional genes and genetics products responsible for cell maintenance, determination and differentiation.
  2. Search for and study the functional genes involved in the pattern reformation during regeneration, especially with regard to signal molecules and other genes, which are related to the process of cell competence.
  3. Functional characterisation of the gene networks, which control the morphogenesis of the eyes during regeneration.


Eyes regeneration in /Schmidtea mediterranea/
Morphogenesis of the eyes during regeneration


Planarian Video at "El Medi Ambient", broadcasted by Catalonian Television TV3

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