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Some icons being user on this web site are from the KDE Crystal icons set, which were posted by the author as LGPL and can be downloaded from kde-look web site(external link) or from author's web page(external link). Linux Tux G1 are under GNU-GPL license, while the Tux G2 are under Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license. We got them from the Tux Factory(external link) web site, you can find there more info about them, including their authors and so on,
as well as their terms of use(external link).

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This web page was written by looking at different disclaimer, copyright and privacy policies of different web sites, including among others Free Software Foundation(external link), Creative Commons(external link), WikiMedia Foundation(external link), and other sources from public universities and research labs. Some sentences were adapted from the sources trying to keep as much as possible their legal meaning.

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