Adell Creixell, Teresa
Teresa Adell Creixell


Teresa Adell Creixell, PhD
Post-Doctoral Researcher
Phone:+ 34 934034795
Fax:+ 34 934034420
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Research Field:
developmental biology
Excerpt of my Publications:
Adell T., Müller W.E.G. "Expression pattern of the Brachyury and Tbx2 homologs from the sponge Suberites domuncula." Biol Cell, 2005, 97:641-50.
Adell T., Müller W.E.G. "Isolation and characterization of five Forkhead genes from the sponge S. domuncula." Gene, 2004, 334: 35-46.
Adell T., Nefkens I., Müller W.E.G. "Polarity factor Frizzled in the demosponge Suberites domuncula: identification, expression and localization of the receptor in the epithelium/pinacoderm." FEBS Lett., 2003, 554:363-368.
Adell T., Grebenjuk V.A., Wiens M., Müller W.E. "Isolation and characterization of two T-box genes from sponges, the phylogenetically oldest metazoan taxon." Dev. Genes. Evol., 2003, 213: 421-34.
Adell T., Gomez-Cuadrado A., Skoudy A., Pettengill O.S., Longnecker D.S., Real F.X. "Role of the basic helix-loop-helix transcription factor p48 in the differentiation phenotype of exocrine pancreas cancer cells." Cell. Growth. Differ., 2000, 11:137-47.